“Quantified Nutrition has allowed me to dig DEEP into how to get more from my athlete’s in the gym through supplements. I’m excited to finally have products in my hands that I can use in so many ways. The A.R.C. [Athlete’s Resource Calculator] has been an invaluable tool to make sure my athletes are getting what they need, when they need it- in practice and the weight room. And they ALL rave about the taste.”

Cal Dietz, author Triphasic Training I &II, University of Minnesota Men’s and Women’s Hockey Strength and Conditioning Coach


The idea behind Quantified Nutrition is simple: Create supplements that are performance oriented and athlete friendly. That’s where our journey begins…

First and most importantly, we demanded our products be scalable.   Everyone has different supplement needs, and the one constant in performance is customization. We are proud to introduce the Athletes Resource Calculator (A.R.C.) , our custom double-ended A.R.C. scoops and compatible flavor profiles.  These industry-first innovations provide customers with a fully scalable product line, setting us apart from other companies.

Second, the customer should know exactly what is in the product, and how much. We have no proprietary formulas here at Quantified Nutrition, and provide our customers with the means to inform themselves about our ingredients. All of our products are manufactured in GMP certified facilities and are Informed Sport registered, so you can trust that what is on the label is in the product. Nothing More, Nothing Less.

Third, your supplements should taste great. Enough said.