Coach Matt Powell – Custom Workouts

Coach Powell is Quantified Nutrition’s resident research expert and primary materials contributor. In his free time, he competes in Strongman competitions and coaches fellow strongman competitors.  In addition, he coaches and programs for Figure and Bikini competitors. Coach Powell is especially interested in low-carb performance in endurance athletes and carb cycling for performance in strength athletes. Coach Powell’s Nutrition for Athletes influences include former college athletes, a love of concurrent and conjugate programming, his wife Chelsea, daughter Macklynn, and his pitbulls.

Coach Powell began his career in Sports Performance as a Football Scholarship Athlete at Temple University.  He earned his Bachelors Degree in Sports Science and then went on to the University of Connecticut where he completed his Masters in Kinesiology with a concentration in Strength and Conditioning.  After graduating, Coach Powell has served as a Strength and Conditioning Coach with multiple NFL and NCAA teams, most recently as the director of Sports Performance at Southeastern Louisiana University.  He is currently a Strength and Conditioning coach with the US Army Special Operations.

In his own words… “There is no perfect program or template, there is only an understanding of needs and the attainment of the tools necessary to get the athlete there.”

Coach Chris McNamara – Custom Workout Specialist

Balancing performance and health, Coach McNamara draws from nearly two decades of training, education, and experience within the SOF Medical and Human Performance community as an Advanced Tactical Practitioner (ATP).  His formal education includes a Bachelors of Science in Clinical Health from George Washington University. Nutrition for Athletes is one of his main focuses.

Beyond his military and academic education, Coach McNamara has completed a wide variety of performance and health oriented courses and certifications. Those from the performance spectrum include the EXOS’ Performance, Fitness, and Tactical coaching certifications, USAW Advanced Sport Performance Certification, and multiple courses from the CrossFit educational system. Most notably, Coach McNamara was credentialed as one of the first Certified CrossFit Trainers (CFL3) in the world. He has enjoyed the privilege of personally working with World Class coaches from each of the aforementioned areas as both an athlete and apprentice. 

Coach McNamara currently serves as a Medic in the US Army Special Operations unit.  He also owns and coaches at Evolution Athletics training facility in West End, NC.  As an industry leader in Sports Nutrition Fitness, Coach McNamara programs for dozens of remote athletes around the country as well as the adaptive and tactical athletes at his gym.